11 May

PMP Course كورس إدارة المشاريع الأحترافية

محتويات الكورس: اساسيات ادارة المشاريع- اطار عمل ادارة المشاريع- مجموعة العمليات ومجالات المعرفة- تكوين فريق عمل عالي الاداء- بدء المشروع- القيام بالاعمال- ابقاء الفريق على المسار الصحيح- ——————- تفاصيل الكورس: .الكورس اونلاين على منصة زوم- .مدة الكورس 5 اسابيع 40
24 Feb

HR Diploma

Method: Online/In-Class Starting on: 08 March 2024 Duration: 2 Weeks Certificate: IAO & WRS Objectives: Designated to those who want to join or improve in HR sector. • Comprehensive curriculum covering all functions of HR. (Recruitment, Payroll, L&D , Performance
07 Oct

KRG Social Security + Income Tax Awareness

Method: Online/In-Class Duration: 2 Days Certificate: IAO accredited Objectives: • Specialized sessions on social security in Kurdistan and tax regulations. • Strategies to minimize risks. • Guidance on integrating tax and social security into HR practices. About the Trainer The
07 Oct

Payroll Management Training

Method: Online/In-Class Duration: 1 Day Certificate: IAO Objectives: Comprehensive training on payroll processing and compliance in accordance with Kurdistan and federal Iraq regulations. Hands-on exercises to gain practical experience. About the Trainer: The Trainer is a seasoned Finance Manager with
07 Oct

Advanced HR Management

Method: Online/In-Class Duration: 4 Weeks Certificate: IAO & WRS Objectives: • In-depth modules covering HR strategy, leadership, and best practices of HR functions. • Interactive case studies and real-world applications. • Access to industry experts for personalized guidance. – Access
15 Jun

Kurdish Language for Expats

The “Kurdish Language for Expats” course is dedicated to helping foreigners learn the Kurdish language, enabling them to effectively communicate in their work and business-related matters without any trouble. It also empowers them to communicate effectively within local communities and